BIS BISS Ch Tempo's Easy Rider SDHF BISS






BIS BISS Ch Tempo's Easy Rider SDHF BISS, "Harley"

(Tempo's Rockhill-A-Bye Baby CD JH x Creeksidefrm's Moonglow At Tempo)

BIS BISS Ch Tempos Easy Rider SDHF BISS, "Harley"

Show Record

Harley finished 2006 as the Number 6 Golden in both Breed and All-Breed Canine Chronicle standings

BIS BISS Ch Tempos Easy Rider SDHF BISS, "Harley"

Best of Breed

Judge Stephanie Seabrook Hedgepath, Handler Rebecca Gear

148 entries, May 13, 2006

White River Golden Retriever Club, Lebanon, Indiana

Just some of Harley's winnings in 2006...

A  special thanks to all the judges who awarded Harley's type and movement.

Feb. 18, Guadalupe Valley Dog Fanciers Group 3, Mr. Frank Summerside

March 4, Acadiana KC, Group 2, Mr, Roger Hartinger

March 19, Galveston County KC, Group 1, Mr. Lester Mapes

March 26, Fort Worth KC, Group 1, Mrs. Anne Bolus

April 21, Shreveport KC, Group 1, Mrs. Debbie Campbell

April 22, Shreveport KC, Group 1, Col. Jerry H. Weiss

April 24, D'Arbonne KC, Group 1, Mrs. Paula Hartinger

May 6, Mensona KC, Group 1, Mr. Lester Mapes

May 20, Durango KC, Group 4, Mr. Joseph Gregory

May 21, Durango KC, Group 2, Mr. Lester Mapes

May 26, Seminole KC, Group 1, Mr. Douglas A. Johnson

May 29, Seminole KC, Group 2, Mr. Judy Doniere

June 3, Flatirons KC, Group 1, Mr. Carl Liepmann

June 22, Valparaiso KC, Group 2, Ms. Sandra Goose Allen

June 23, 2006, Valparaiso KC, Group 1, Judge Mr. Lester Mapes

 June 29, 2006, Greater Hattiesburg KC, Group 2, Judge Miss Ann Schwartz

July 1, 2006, Mid-Del-Tinker KC, Group 3, Judge Ms. Kimberly Meredith Cavanna

July 2, 2006, Mid-Del-Tinker KC, Group 2, Judge Ms. Barbara Demsey Alderman

July 16, 2006, Longview KC, Group 2, Judge Ms. Stephanie Hedgepath

July 27, 2006, Austin KC, Group 4, Judge Mr. Terry Stacy

Sept. 1, Marquette KC, Group 1, Ms. Paula Hartinger

Sept. 2, Marquette KC, Group 4, Ms. Jean Fournier

Sept. 3, Marquette KC, Group 1, Mr. Roger Hartinger

Sept. 8, Golden Retriever Club of Des Moines Specialty, BOB, Ms. Judy Zawikowski

October 14, 2006,Tyler KC, Group 2, Judge Anne Katona

October 28, Lawton Dog Fanciers Assn., Group 1, Ms. Connie Barton

October 28, Lawton Dog Fanciers Assn., Group 3, Mr. J. A. Pfeiffer, Jr.

November 4, Baton Rouge KC, Group 2, Dr. A. D. DiNardo

November 5, Baton Rouge KC, Group 4, Mr. W. J. Sommerfelt

November 13, Huntsville KC, Group 3, Ms. Judith Goodin


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